Yoga Courtesy

The following are suggestions on how to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere  for you and your fellow yogis in the Ashtanga Yoga class:

Before Practice

  • Try not to eat two hours before your practice. You will feel more comfortable.
  • Be on time (unless it is mysore practice) please try to  arrive  at least 10 – 15 minutes before the start of your  class.
  • Remove your shoes.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.


  • Avoid wearing heavy perfumes during class. Heavy scents may disturb other students practice who may have allergies.
  • Practice in comfortable clothing, but  your personal and private areas of your body should not be on display.
  • Cleanliness (Sauca) is an integral part of practicing yoga. Please ensure that you and your clothes are clean.
  • Inform your yoga Instructor of any injuries, special medical conditions or if you are pregnant.
  • Acknowledge that your body and mind will feel different every day. Listen to what your body tells you and practice in your own time following your own breath. Don’t force yourself into any posture, respect your limits; we all have them.
  • Refrain from foul language. Don’t produce negativity at the Shala.
  • Practice at least 3 times per week if you would like to see and feel the benefits of yoga. (More is better). Traditionally Ashtanga Yoga is practiced 5-6 times a week at sunrise; in this frequency it unfolds its full effect.
  • Don’t judge yourself or others, have patience and have fun!

After Practice

  • Ashtanga yoga is a very effective self-therapy for personal growth – physically, mentally and spiritually. If you feel emotional during or after a yoga practice (joy, sadness, irritation, etc.) then accept the feelings without judgement and allow them to happen. If the feelings become difficult, you are encouraged to speak to your Instructor about it.
  • What happens and is said at the Shala stays at the Shala. Please refrain from gossip talk about this studio, about persons attending class or any other studio you may attend. Yoga is based on respect for yourself, others and the universe. Gossip talk is a form of himsa (violence).
  • Drink plenty of water after your practice, but please do not bring water bottles into the practice space.