Mysore Style Class


Mysore style (called after the south indian city of Mysore) is the original way how Ashtanga Yoga is taught in India.


It is a unique program where each student is taught individually. He or she is given a one-on-one lesson within the group class setting, and is taught progressively according to his or her individual needs.


A mysore class ist ideal as well as for beginners as for advanced practitioners: It allows to get to know the Ashtanga serias each time better and to let it become a personal practice that happens in the own rythm of the breath according to the own form of the day.

Dynamic meditation

This method allows for a meditative approach to yoga practice, more frequent adjustments in postures and the fostering of a strong student-teacher relationship.


Traditionally a mysore class takes place at sunrise. At this time of the day the Ashtanga practice has its full transformation power; and it unfolds its effect over the whole following day.


The daily Ashtanga practice (traditional from Monday to Friday/Saturday) makes out of the single therapeutic effect an ongoing transformation process that renders impossible to fall back into old patterns.


The teacher accompanies each student day by day through this development process.