Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita Trikonasana (extended triangle pose)

by Simon – Zurich.

When I saw my wife for the first time she was in this asana; since then Trikonasana is my favourite asana. – But besides that I like the Trikonasanas a lot: I entrust myself to my skeleton and become a stable triangle structure (only my mind makes it sometimes shake like reed in the wind.) My gaze and my head are set free. Everything is different; the sky, the ground, I am joint to both. Am I a small molecule, a giant tree, a single leaf, a crane, … ? Doesn’t matter! I enjoy it.


  • This asana tones up the legs muscles.
  • Removes stiffness in the legs and hips.
  • Corrects any minor deformity in the legs and allows them to develop evenly.
  • It relieves back aches and neck sprains, strengthens the ankles and develops the chest.
  • Stimulates the abdominal organ.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Therapeutic for anxiety.

How to do Utthita Trikonasana

  • Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides
  • Inhale and step to the right and spread the legs apart 3 to 3 1/2 feet. Raise the arms sideways, inline with the shoulders, palms facing down. Keep the arms parallel to the floor.
  • Turn the right foot sideways 90 degrees to the right. turn the left foot slightly to the right, keeping the left leg stretched.
  • Exhale, bend the torso sideways to the right, bringing the right palm near the ankle. If possible grab the big toe with the your index finger, 3rd finger and thumb.
  • Stretch the left arm up, bringing it in line with the right shoulder and extend the torso. Gaze at the thumb of the outstretched left hand.
  • Breath here 5 to 15 breaths
  • Inhale come up and take on the left side.