Garudasana ( Eagle)

By Christopher – Hamburg, Germany.

love “Eagle” because you really have to go deep into yourself to get to that balancing point. Once you’re there, the feeling can be euphoric, if I may. Standing firmly on the one foot while compressing all of the other major joints is rapturous. I plant myself as if I were about to submerge myself into the vortex. Let go.

In Hinduism, Garuda is known as the king of birds. He transports the God Vishnu and is said to be eager to help humanity fight against demons.


  • Improves flexiblity in the  major joints of the body.
  • Good for central nervous system.
  • Facilitates lymphatic function thereby, improving immune system.
  • Improves mobility of hip joint.
  • Improves balance and concentrations.
  • Brings Strength to your legs.
  • Helps to alliviate varicose veins.

How to do Garudasana

1.  Standing in Tadasana (Mountian Pose), place feet parallel and hip width apart. Extend the spine tall and fix your gaze forward at a focal point. Contract core muscles as you shift your weight into your right foot. Slightly bend your knees. As you inhale, raise your right foot and cross your right leg over your left thigh. Balance on your left foot keeping your left knee from traveling too far forward over the toes. Feel as though you are always bringing your body weight even throughout the corners of the supporting foot, rather than letting the weight travel heavy into the toes. This will allow you to shift the weight out of the knee and more properly into the  thigh and hip muscles. If the right hip and knee feel ease, wrap the right toes around the back of the right lower calf muscle. Keep the left knee slightly bent. Maintain steadiness with the graze and contraction of core muscles.

2.    Maintaining your gaze on a focal point and breathing, rise your arms parallel to the floor. Place your left    elbow on the inside of the right elbow. Bend the elbows so the forearms are perpendicular to the floor. If the elbows feel ease, turns the palms outwards and continue crossing the forearms so the palms come together. Lightly reach the elbows forward to spread the back of the shoulders and upper back. Lightly press the pad of the right thumb against the left hand to further the twist.

3.  Hold for 5 – 10 breathes. Slowly unwind the limbs and come back into Tadasana. Repeat other side, reversing  arm and leg positions.